Savoury Pancakes .... Ideas for Fillings For a Healthy Meal


When we mention the word pancakes, most of us think of sugar, lemon, nutella, maple syrup ..... and a sugary, sweet treat, however pancakes can also make a really great savoury meal. My basic pancake recipe that make a great savoury (or sweet) pancake. Why not try some of these fillings for a healthy meal, post match/training snack or after school snack:

Spinach, ham and mushrooms Scrambled egg with scallions/meat/fish/cheese/vegetables... Tomato and mushroom Roasted vegetables Chicken, ricotta and spinach Smoked salmon and creme fraiche Crispy Peking duck Avocado, streaky bacon and coriander Ham and cheese Spinach, caramelized onion and gruyere cheese


Basic Pancake Recipe