Teams that know how to replenish their energy drivers are more productive in less time.


With working adults spending more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else, promoting staff well-being isn’t just ethical, it makes business sense. 

I help clients change behaviour and habits to fuel energy drivers for optimum energy, health and performance.

Successful wellness programmes engage and motivate staff to take action and give them the skills to make smart, sustainable lifestyle changes for an energised & happy workforce.

Ensuring employees are supported and educated in health and nutrition will help raise your workforce’s well-being and productivity. 

Alva’s more popular seminars topics and workshops include:

  • Workplace Pilates

  • Manage Weight, Increase Energy and Boost Vitality

  • Fuelling the Body For Maximum Performance

  • Fitness For the Fast Lane

  • Fuelling Your Energy Drivers

  • Nutrition for Busy Families on the go

  • Super Immunity

  • Sports Nutrition



“Alva was the perfect fit for our culture and really understood her audience which is key to delivering a successful wellness programme in our office.

Our employees were instantly engaged, had fun but overall learned about the importance of keeping their bodies fueled in a fast past moving environment. Our employees also had the added benefit of learning some techniques to get up and move away from their desks to do simple exercises to keep the body moving.

The feedback was really positive and we look forward to working with Alva again in the future!”

“Alva has been coming to our company for a few years now. She is an inspiration who lives and breathes what she teaches. Always posting healthy and tasty food options.

Her quick workouts, which she always provides different levels and requiring very little equipment, give you variety.”


“Alva’s workshop was designed for a busy workforce where people struggle to find time and healthy food selection to make nutritious meal choices during the working week. She gave us great ideas on how to find healthy snacks and meals that will keep energy high throughout the day. Alva’s presentation was very interesting and her style very engaging. We all went away highly motivated with many practical tips on how to improve health and vitality.”

June Cassidy,
Human Resources Manager, Eugene. F. Collins

“Alva engaged our entire team with ease and in a fun way, sharing her knowledge, experience and ideas.

Her advice is very practical, fitting well with everyday living and working. Feedback from our team has been really positive.”

Elaine Doyle,
Associate Director Market Access, MSD


Happy, Healthy, More Productive Workforce

A recent Harvard study showed that for each dollar spent on wellness programmes, larger companies got back $3.27 in reduced health costs and $2.73 in costs connected to absenteeism.

(Baicker, Cutler & Song, 2010)

Tailored Health and Wellbeing Programme to suit your organisation.

Lunchtime Health and Wellness Seminars, Health and Wellbeing programmes & One-to-One Consultations

I believe optimum performance in business, or indeed sport, depends not only on commitment and hard work but also on making sure resources are replenished. 

Seminars are generally 60-75 minutes in duration and if additional time is available an interactive workshop for participants can be added.

Alva also designs and develops more comprehensive health and wellness programmes to suit clients’ specific requirements


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