“Great session this morning with Alva at FMI on Maximising Energy & Performance. Thank you so much. Everyone is invigorated and full of great intentions. Long may it last.”

Ailish McGlew  
Marketing Manager - Field Management Ireland

"Alva has been coming to our company for a few years now. She is an inspiration who lives and breathes what she teaches. Always posting healthy and tasty food options. Her quick workouts, which she always provides different levels and requiring very little equipment, give you variety. Highly recommend following her or going to her to help change your lifestyle."

Tammy Grainger,

“BBH were delighted to meet with Alva, she gave great insight and direction to the staff in ways to eat healthier and increase energy levels through out the working day.

Personally I found it very beneficial as I work and go to college every evening, there isn’t enough time in the day for me to always plan ahead and eat properly. Thanks to the advice from Alva, which was simple and easy to follow. I now eat well, I still enjoy my food and most of all I have lots of energy through out the day. The information and guidance from Alva has proved invaluable. I realise and feel the benefits of the changes I made in my eating habits and by taking exercise, I am ready and able to face the demands in my busy lifestyle.”

Siobhan Kelly
Brown Brothers Harriman Trustee Services Ltd.

"Alva’s workshop was designed for a busy workforce where people struggle to find time and healthy food selection to make nutritious meal choices during the working week. Alva gave us great ideas on how to find healthy snacks and meals that will keep energy high throughout the day. Alva’s presentation was very interesting and her style very engaging. We all went away highly motivated with many practical tips on how to improve health and vitality.”

June Cassidy
Human Resources Manager Eugene F. Collins

“It was great to have Alva come in and speak to a group of our employees about nutrition and developing healthier eating habits by making better choices. It can be very difficult to make the right nutritional choices, particularly when you are working in a fast-paced, busy environment as witnessed by the myriad of questions Alva happily answered for my team on the day of our workshop. I would highly recommend Alva’s workshop for any organization looking to provide some practical skills to develop a healthier, more energized lifestyle both in and out of the workplace.”

Leslee O’Loughlin  
Group Human Resources Manager

"Alva gave a talk to our team on maximizing energy for work performance which was very well received. She simplified recent nutritional research into easy to digest tips. We are especially aware of added sugar. We enjoyed sampling the healthy snacks she prepared for the team."

Emma Kelly
Managing Director, Elevate PR

"As part of our High Performance Coaching programme, I engaged Alva to present at one of our seminars for Leinster panelists.

Her knowledge of Nutrition and her delivery to a mixed aged audience was superb. She interacted with the panelists really well and gave everyone a great understanding of the importance of fueling their bodies for maximum performance and explained how the right nutrition can impact positively on different aspects of High Performance training.

I would highly recommend Alva for anyone that wants to be on top of their game"


“The seminar really was interesting, the main thing I learned was about nutritious snacks that are easy to make and easy to bring in to school!”

Transition year student
Wesley College

“Fantastic workshop! I found it very interesting and really enjoyed all the practical examples of food products to look out for in the supermarket and ideas for healthy lunches, snacks and dinners. I delighted to go away with helpful tips on how to improve my diet without making drastic changes. I look forward to the challenge!”

Hilary Thompson
Genesis Hockey Club

"Alva came to Delgany Golf Club to talk to our ladies section. Her workshop was brilliant. We got tips for general health and what to look for when purchasing on reading labels etc. I think all the ladies were in shock about how much sugar was actually in foods we thought were healthy. We also got ideas for all meals from breakfast through to dinner.  

Alva then gave us breakfast ideas based around playing 18 holes of golf and what snacks we should be eating while on the course All in all the ladies of Delgany were delighted with the workshop and being able to fully participate and ask Alva questions during the session.

We looking forward to having Alva back to the club soon and couldn’t recommend her highly enough"


“I first discovered Alva through a friend of mine who had lost weight relatively easily through small changes he had made to his diet. At the time I was feeling a touch over weight, but confident that I was eating reasonably healthily. I have found her advice to be extremely helpful. In a relatively short time I have lost 3/4 stone in weight, with only minor variations to my diet and exercise. I think everybody should be getting nutritional advice, and I couldn’t recommend Alva highly enough. It could make or save your life.”

70, Dublin

“Before spending time with Alva I believed my diet and lifestyle to be reasonably healthy, but I carried excess weight since the birth of my three children which I could never shift. After spending time with Alva and understanding where I was going wrong and working out where I needed to make changes, I started to feel the benefits physically and mentally. Combined with an exercise programme I feel much better and I’m starting to get the figure back I had in my 20’s. It might take some sacrifice but it’s worth the effort.”

49, Kildare


“I found Alva very warm and open and as this was my first visit to a Nutritionist I was very unsure of what to expect. Alva had reviewed a detailed food diary I had given her prior to my appointment and already had recommendations for me. I found I could talk openly and honestly to her. I am a person who tries to eat healthy and sensibly and I still came away with changes I could make to my diet. Since my appointment I have made small changes to my diet that were necessary and taken the supplements advised. I feel a lot calmer and better able to cope the hectic work and study life that I lead. I am delighted with the results.”

32, Dublin

“As a typical male gym person I have been going to the gym for as long as I can remember. Having played sport all my life I have always been relatively fit, and, in the last couple of years (now in my early 40’s) I have realised it’s not as easy to stay lean without a bit of help!! Having always been lucky in the past never to have to worry too much about my diet, I have found that in the last few years things have changed and I’ve been struggling to shift the pounds!! I spoke to Alva from O.S.C Consulting and decided on a change of diet and introduced some extra training that she does herself. Anyway, 10 week’s in to it now and the results are amazing.With a new and easy diet that was not too hard to get used to and a bit of common sense about what and when to eat I am now a whole stone lighter. Have had a lot of compliments from people on how healthy and fit I’m looking so I must say I’m delighted.As well as the weight I have so much more energy through the day even after training and sleep so much better at night. I would highly recommend, if your thinking of making a few changes to your diet or training regime or just for your all round health, Alva from O.S.C. They are who I would choose.”

40’s, Dublin

“I just wanted to say that I found your nutrition seminar really engaging and informative. Your message was clear, concise, well-illustrated and straightforward. I often find nutrition-related communications to be confusingly multi-faceted, leaving me with the demoralised impression that I am poisoning all belonging to me! and may I say in talking to my junior and senior infants boys, the positive message you give (healthy foods give you energy and make you strong) is SO effective.

It’s a lot more tangible to them than ‘U can’t have that, it’s rubbish!’ which is taken as me just rabbiting on, or ‘This will make u grow big and tall’, which is a remote concept that has no reality, in their terms.”

Elaine Hoban
Parent, Scoil Bhride, Ranelagh

“I came to Alva looking for advice on how I should be eating to increase muscle mass as I play rugby on a competitive level and knew very little about nutrition. Over the years I have been given different advice on what to eat and what not to eat and ended up confused and frustrated so I decided to consult a nutritionist for advice. Since having my consultations with Alva I have so much more energy and actually find I can work harder at training sessions. My diet has really improved with the biggest change being the variety of foods I am eating. I am now eating more than I ever did and not gaining body fat. I am delighted with the results”

18, Dublin

“Can’t thank Alva enough, I am a new woman in the making! Really enjoying my new way of life from simple changes to what I eat & making time to get out an exercise. The results so far have been amazing.”

40, Dublin

“I had a wonderful experience with Alva. I made some minor changes to my diet after a session with Alva but it has made a big difference to my diet, energy & weight. I would highly recommend it.”

38, Wicklow

“I had a nutritional consultation followed by a 4 week training programme with Alva and was very impressed with what I learned over such a short period. Small changes to my diet and a new training programme made me feel stronger and healthier within a matter of just a few weeks . I especially liked the ‘ holiday workout ‘ I was given which takes just 20 minutes per day and requires no equipment for times I am away on holidays and not able to get to a gym . I highly recommend going to Alva, such a nice experience and the healthy recipes I was given are great too.”

41, Dublin

“Before I met Alva, I had tried other weight loss programmes but found they were not fully adaptable to my busy schedule. I could never stick to eating particular meals on particular days. I had what I thought was a healthy eating habits aside from picking at food while at work and was active most evenings but couldn’t lose any weight. After my first meeting with Alva I came away feeling that I now had the tools to lose the weight I wanted to lose.Alva changed around the way I was eating food rather than the food itself and asked me to increase my steps from 10,000 a day to 12,000. This seems liked an impossible task to get 12,000 steps a day but over the 10 weeks there was maybe 4 or 5 days where I struggled to get the required steps. The picture food diary was a great incentive not to pick at food during the day as I wouldn’t always have my phone on me to take the pictures. The best part of the 10 week plan was I was eating normal foods that I enjoyed while still being able to go out for meals and just be mindful of what I was ordering. I could not believe that the programme would be so easy & straight forward to follow. Alva was so easy to deal with and always on hand for any questions I had during the programme about food / portions / exercise. Over the course of the 10 weeks I lost 9.2kg by making simple changes to the way I was eating and exercising. I would recommend this programme to anyone looking to lose weight in a way that fits their lifestyle.”

Anne Marie Donnellan,