Roasted Almond Butter Homemade Recipe

Almond (or another great nut) butter is spread thickly onto toasted seeded rye bread at breakfast in my house every morning. I often buy one of the natural nut butter brands but there is nothing like your own homemade nut butter and they are just too easy to make. Here's how ...

Homemade Roasted Almond Nut Butter


Raw Almonds


Place your raw nuts on a parchment sheet and roast in a 170 degree oven for 12 to 15 minutes, tossing once or twice to prevent burning.


When cooled add to your food processor and turn on.  At first it will look like nut dust, but scrape down the sides of your processor with a spatula a few times and eventually, your nut butter will begin to clump. Keeping running your food processor until it reaches a butter consistency.

You can add lots of different things to the butter to give it additional flavour: salt, maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla, etc.  I just love it plain, but play around with with different nuts, especially love roasted pecan nut butter!