Sugar content of two Rice Krispie Bars in your tomato sauce!


Can you find yourself rushing around the supermarket just grabbing foods that look healthy for the week's meals ahead? Here's a perfect example of a product you might grab on first glance and stay this is perfect for evenings I don't have time to cook - throw it on some pasta with a side of vegetables .. Perfect Healthy Meal? NOT so..

Ballymaloe is a very reputable brand that congers up words like “local, quality, Irish, natural” Does that make us more confident to pick up a product and trust it without reading a label or questioning if it could possible have surprising ingredients in it?

I am not picking on Ballymaloe as a brand (as most other tomato sauces had similar ingredients) but just wanted to pick a brand that I thought people would know and would perhaps be more likely to immediately trust.

This single portion of tomato sauce (180g single portion pack) has nearly 5 teaspoons of sugar in it - to put that in perspective .. that is the same amount of sugar in TWO Rice Krispie Marshmallow Square bars!

High levels of sugar in our diet triggers adrenal hormones, which can lead to inflammation in the body, causes fat storage, impairs immunity and puts us at risk of many chronic diseases. Read labels, be informed and save your daily sugar intake for when you know you are consuming it (that biscuit, bit of chocolate, slither of cake!)