Workout Videos

Remember to warm up well before each workout and stretch well after. 

Fitness Test - Irish Ladies Masters

Pre and Post Fitness Test. Record how many of each exercise completed in the 40 second work period. Compare pre and post results.

Week Two - Irish Ladies Masters

HIIT workout. 30 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. 7 exercises=1 round. Complete 2-4 rounds

Week Four - Irish Ladies Hockey Masters

2-3 rounds of the eight exercises as fast as you can - keeping correct form!

Week Six - Irish Ladies Hockey Masters

HIIT workout. 40 seconds work 10 seconds rest. 5 exercises in 1 round. complete 3-5 rounds.

Week Eight - Irish Ladies Hockey Masters

Four exercises - 80 reps = 1 round. Complete 3-5 rounds.

Week One - Irish Ladies Hockey Masters

140 reps = 1 round.
Complete 2-3 rounds

Week Three - Irish Ladies Hockey Masters

8 exercises, 20 reps of each = 1 rounds. complete 2-3 rounds

Week Five - Irish Ladies Hockey Masters

HIIT Workout. 40 sec work 10 sec rest. 10 exercises in one round. Complete 2 rounds

Week Seven - Irish Ladies Hockey Masters

Here's a challenge! 240 reps as fast as you can.

PDF Programme

The Irish Ladies Hockey Masters pre season performance programme has been designed to build full body strength and improve speed, power and cardio fitness.

Download PDF at the following link

Powerpoint Summary Slides

8th January 2017

Download the Powerpoint at the following link

Sports Nutrition

Eating and Exercise: Before, During and After