Alva O'Sullivan

I run a private practice in Stillorgan, County Dublin for one-to-one consultations.

Individual consultations include a full dietary assessment and body composition analysis to create tailored dietary and exercise advice for clients. 

I also work with clients to help them overcome psychological and emotional factors behind their eating behaviours by using my training in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Extensive studies show CBT is a very effective form of psychological therapy in weight management and I regularly use CBT coaching techniques in my consultations with very positive results.

I advise on a wide range of areas including:

  • Effective and sustainable weight management

  • Fueling the body for maximum performance

  • Regain energy and vitality

  • Family nutrition

  • Healthy meal and snack ideas and recipes

  • Shopping and meal planning guide

  • Boost immunity and stay healthy

  • Heart health

  • Fitness coaching

  • Sports nutrition

  • Home cardio and strength exercises

Who can benefit from my nutrition and fitness advice?

Anyone looking to improve his or her overall health and fitness. Improving diet, exercise and lifestyle can prevent and manage a wide range of conditions including:

Weight Issues


High Cholesterol

Hormonal Imbalances

Women’s Health


Metabolic Syndrome

Inflammatory Diseases

 “Before I met Alva, I had tried other weight loss programmes but found they were not fully adaptable to my busy schedule. I could never stick to eating particular meals on particular days. I had what I thought was a healthy eating habits aside from picking at food while at work and was active most evenings but couldn’t lose any weight.

After my first meeting with Alva I came away feeling that I now had the tools to lose the weight I wanted to lose. Alva changed around the way I was eating food rather than the food itself and asked me to increase my steps from 10,000 a day to 12,000. This seemed like an impossible task to get 12,000 steps a day but over the 10 weeks there was maybe 4 or 5 days where I struggled to get the required steps. The picture food diary was a great incentive not to pick at food during the day as I wouldn’t always have my phone on me to take the pictures.

The best part of the 10 week plan was I was eating normal foods that I enjoyed while still being able to go out for meals and just be mindful of what I was ordering. I could not believe that the programme would be so easy & straight forward to follow. Alva was so easy to deal with and always on hand for any questions I had during the programme about food / portions / exercise.

Over the course of the 10 weeks I lost 9.2kg by making simple changes to the way I was eating and exercising. I would recommend this programme to anyone looking to lose weight in a way that fits their lifestyle.”

Anne Marie Donnellan, 31 


Alva O'Sullivan Consultations


In advance of the initial consultation I ask clients to send me a three-day photo food diary. The first one-hour consultation involves a thorough investigation into your eating, exercise and lifestyle habits, body composition is analysed, health goals are discussed and a plan is agreed going forward. Review consultations following this session are a half hour in duration. 

As well as tailored nutrition plans, I also develop specific exercise programmes for clients, incorporating both cardiovascular and strength work. 

One hour consultation - €110


  • Tailored nutrition plan

  • Personalised exercise program developed to suit your ability and fitness level

  • 7 day photo food diary review post consultation to help build confidence around food and meal choices and start you in the way to health, energy and fat burning



For more information consultations, please contact me at any time.

10 Week Weight Loss Program

10 Week Weight Loss Programme


My 10-week weight loss programme will equip you
with the nutritional and psychological tools to develop
a controlled, long term healthy relationship with food
and win the battle against emotional eating and

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