“Fantastic workshop! I found it very interesting and really enjoyed all the practical examples of food products to look out for in the supermarket and ideas for healthy lunches, snacks and dinners. I delighted to go away with helpful tips on how to improve my diet without making drastic changes. I look forward to the challenge!”



An often overlooked element in the battle for energy, stamina and performance in sport is good nutrition. 

An athlete can prepare themselves with hours of practice and competition but when it comes down to competing and performaing at the next level good nutrition can often make the difference between success or failure.

Knowing how to fuel the body is the competitive edge that sets players apart from the rest

I work with young people in clubs and teams completing in different sports at provincial and national level and have presented sports nutrition seminars to a number of golf clubs throughout Leinster.

I provide a range of seminars that specifically focus helping sports athletes practically understand how to fuel their bodies effectively for performance. 

If your club or society would like more information, I’d be delighted to hear from you.


Golf Workshop

Nutrition for Optimum Energy & Performance

"Alva came to Delgany Golf Club to talk to our ladies section.

Her workshop was brilliant. We got tips for general health and what to look for when purchasing on reading labels etc. I think all the ladies were in shock about how much sugar was actually in foods we thought were healthy. We also got ideas for all meals from breakfast through to dinner.  

Alva then gave us breakfast ideas based around playing 18 holes of golf and what snacks we should be eating while on the course  All in all the ladies of Delgany were delighted with the workshop and being able to fully participate and ask Alva questions during the session.

We looking forward to having Alva back to the club soon and couldn’t recommend her highly enough"


Anna O’Loughlin
Delgany Golf Club


Practical nutrition advice for health, energy and endurance on and off the golf course.

What, When and How to Fuel your Body for Success

  • Nutrition for improved energy levels and concentration.
  • Pre-Match meals: slow energy releasing meal ideas.
  • On the course - healthy endurance snacks.
  • Hydration and performance.
  • Q&A Session.

"As part of our High Performance Coaching programme, I engaged Alva to present at one of our seminars for Leinster panelists.

Her knowledge of Nutrition and her delivery to a mixed aged audience was superb. She interacted with the panelists really well and gave everyone a great understanding of the importance of fueling their bodies for maximum performance and explained how the right nutrition can impact positively on different aspects of High Performance training.

I would highly recommend Alva for anyone that wants to be on top of their game"


Teresa Thompson,Executive Officer,
Leinster Golf G.U.I.

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