What to eat after a late night training session


I fit my training in whenever I can around work and my family. It is a very important part of my day and sometimes that means a late evening workout. For many of clients who train with teams on week nights or who work late and don't get to the classes/gym until after, I often get asked "Should I eat when I come in late after training?" My advice to you is fuel your body effectively during the day before training and top up post training with one of my quick and nutritious recovery meal ideas below. Fuelling your body effectively during the day means taking in nutritious calories throughout the day and not "grabbing processed foods on the go". This translates into fuelling for top performance.

Start the day with a good breakfast in with slow energy releasing carbohydrates and protein (not the latte and crossiant on the way to the office!) Eat your main meal at lunchtime Make sure to have a healthy snack (or small meal) at 4/5pm (one of my post recovery ideas would be perfect at this time too) Choose one of my quick, simple meals post training, all high in protein, nutrients, fats & low GI carbs to help the body recover but no ruin all your hard work training.

  1. 2-egg omlette with greens
  2. Smoked mackerel pâté on oatcakes and raw veggies
  3. Sliced avocado and prawn salad (If you haven't prawns tomato makes a easy substitute)
  4. Rye and caraway turkey breasts (made the day before and kept in fridge!)
  5. Natural nut butter on oatcakes
  6. Greek yogurt with slivered almonds or mixed seeds
  7. Homemade/good quality hummus on raw vegetables or a seeded wholegrain bread


Alva O'Sullivan is a qualified nutritionist and fitness coach. To make an appointment contact her at info@alvaosullivan.com www.alvaosullivan.com