Stress and Abdominal Fat


Chronic stress can cause a series of biological changes that can lead to us storing more abdominal fat.

When we feel stressed, a number of stress hormones are released to prepare us for physical action (the "fight or flight" reaction). When this happens, blood pressure and heart rate are raised and glucose is released into the blood stream so we have enough energy to deal with the stressful situation. This is very important if we encounter a dangerous physical situation (e.g. if we come upon a bear in the forest!), however for most of us in our busy, pressurised lives these stress hormones are elevated due to mental stresses and are raised far too often.  If stress hormone levels remain high over a long period of time you are at a much higher risk of many chronic diseases, and to see increased metabolically active visceral fat (around the abdominal region) which causes inflammation in the body.

There is no doubt stress is difficult to tackle head on but improving your diet, activity levels and sleep go along way to improving stress and your overall health.