Rockin' your workout


I train on my own most of the time and for me, the most important aspect of ensuring my workout pushes me to my limits is to always have a programme/plan for myself. This can be as simple as a round of five bodyweight exercises that I complete in certain time intervals, but I have to set a challenging goal for myself and work hard on achieving it, otherwise it just doesn’t happen! I usually plan a High Intensity Interval Workout (HIIT) or a time challenge where I give myself a number of cardio and strength exercises to complete in as short a time as possible. These is easy to prepare and work very effectively (you’ll find lots of HIIT workouts on

The other vital component for me (which I am not as good at), to ensure I work hard throughout my workout is having a few great songs on my playlist that boost energy levels & my workout intensity. Like many of you, I listen to my gym playlist nearly every day, and I am always amazed how one song can really up my game when it comes to intensity. However, I get bored of a lot of my playlist too and that I find can have the opposite effect. I think spending time (which I can’t often find!) creating new playlists that motivates you & keeps you working hard is well worth the payoff, however I never seem to find the time to do it!

I'd love some new high intensity songs, anyone like to share some great songs that motivate you that we can add to our playlists and keep rockin' our workouts!