Never go to the gym without a workout plan

As you know from my many workout posts, I like to train hard & fast and finish as quickly as possible. As I mainly do bodyweight exercises in my workouts I can really do them anywhere, however sometimes I find going to the gym keeps me focused and less likely to be distracted by other excuses that might take me from training. In my opinion, the one essential item to have when going to the gym (unless you are doing a class!) is a workout plan/programme, otherwise you may find yourself "pottering" around from machine to machine not really doing a huge amount. A plan gives you a goal and a route to get there .. and as long as you give it 100%, gets you results. I've posted lots of different HIIT workouts on my website and YouTube channel and want to share tomorrow's workout ... it's very challenging and certainly at the "advanced" level but anyone up for it should give it a try - it will certainly leave you feeling you've push yourself out of your comfort zone. HIIT "CORE" WORKOUT

40 seconds on each exercise with 10 seconds rest between each exercise. 9 exercise in a round. Complete 2 rounds

  1. Press up with Alt Row
  2. Mat Jumps
  3. Toe Touches
  4. Alt Hip Touches
  5. Press Up with Jump Jacks
  6. Press up (reach heel to opposite shoulder)
  7. Donkey kick with kick through
  8. Toe Touch twist to one leg push up
  9. Toe Touch twist to one leg push up