Highly Productive People Consistently Recharge Their Physical and Mental Energy


Constant stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and poor quality sleep lead to burnout. Highly productive people are smart enough to consistently recharge their physical and mental energy and provide a regular flow of fuel to their mind and body so they can perform at their best everyday.

To keep our minds and bodies healthy and strong, we need to fuel five energy drivers:

  • Diet (nutritious, slow energy releasing foods)
  • Exercise (daily)
  • Sleep (good quality)
  • Relaxation (daily)
  • Human connections (regular)

It’s too easy, in our busy lives to neglect some, if not all of these essential ingredients for a healthy body and mind.

I barely have enough time for lunch let alone a hour to exercise”

“It’s impossible to get to bed early after getting home from work at 7pm, putting the children to bed, eating dinner late and then having the next day to sort out!”

“Relaxation…. when do I get time for this with three children, a full time job and a sick mother!”

Life will get in the way if you let it. Take control of your own health, recharge your physical and mental energy and perform at your best everyday.