High Performance Sports Programme For Secondary Schools

I am delighted to be running a High Performance Sports Programme with 16 (Minor, Junior and Senior Teams) female hockey teams in Wesley College this year. As part of the programme I will be working with the girls to educate them on what and when to eat to optimise health, energy and performance on and off the pitch. I will also be introducing them to high intensity interval training (HIIT) using bodyweight exercises. Incorporating 3 of my short (12.5 minute) HIIT sessions per week will help improve speed, power, strength, agility and performance. Here's a short video I created for the girls to demonstrate HIIT using just bodyweight exercises ... It's a very tough workout and one that I am sure they will master perfectly after completion of their High Performance Sports Programme

18 exercises (some of them involve completing the exercise on the right and then left hand side of the body)

40 seconds all out for each exercise with 10 seconds rest between each exercise.

Complete 1 or 2 rounds

I completed this last night ... it's tough ... and a great fat burner for anyone brave enough to give it a try?