Hard "Core" Home Workout

If there's ever going to be a time year for expansion of the tummy region, it is Christmas.... Lots of sweets, mince pies, puddings and alcohol provide the ideal ingredients for increasing that stubborn (and metabolically active) abdominal fat. On top of all that we've had miserable wet weather that has made it very unpleasant to even contemplate exercise outdoors. So here we are... January and many of us are back on that road to healthy eating and drinking and determined to get our bodies back in shape.

With that in mind, I have a great fat burning core workout you can do at home. There are nine exercises in a round but some of the exercises are quite advanced so leave out any that are too difficult and choose 4-5 that you can do safely and with good form.


10 reps of each exercise (listed below) Repeat 2-3 rounds

  • 1. Press Up with Alt Row
  • 2. Mat Hops
  • 3. Toe Touches
  • 4. Alt Hip Touches
  • 5. Press Up with Jump Jack
  • 6. Press Up (Reach Heel to opposite shoulder)
  • 7. Donkey Kick with Kick Through
  • 8. Toe Touch Switch to one leg press up
  • 9. Toe Touch Switch to one leg press up (other leg)

Enjoy! As with all exercise programmes check with your doctor before commencing. By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk, so use common sense at all time. Alva O’Sullivan will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm sustained as a result of exercise workout videos or information shared on her YouTube channel