Halloween Treats ….. Temptation You’d Can't Avoid??


Ever feel you're physically and emotionally dependent on sugar? That bar of chocolate/biscuit/cake becomes your reward after a hard day’s work or the perfect excuse to celebrate a special occasion or it just makes you feel better when you are down? Yes, this all makes sense when we realise sugar stimulates the release of dopamine in our brain which makes us feel pleasure. On a biological level, too much sugar is damaging to our health. It alters our hormones so we don’t register hunger the way we normally would - making us eat more. A high daily consumption of sugar can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. It also spikes dopamine, making us requiring us to eat more sugar for the same feeling of pleasure and finally too much sugar damages our liver in the same way that alcohol does!

Yes sugar is tempting and everywhere (especially when bags of halloween treats come home this evening!), so work hard on controlling the "mindless" dipping into the children's halloween bags!