Granola, A sugary start to the day .. Maybe Not!


Well this is true for the majority of granolas on the supermarket shelves with up to 25% of sugar per bowl. No wonder this sweet bowl of "goodness" it is a popular "healthy" breakfast choice for many! It's a question I get ask a lot in seminars and workshop "Is granola a healthy breakfast option?" and I can see people getting confused straight away when I tell them about the high levels of sugar.

They have gone for what is marketed as a super healthy wholesome low GI breakfast choice and realised that it is really not that! Well I have good news for all the granola lovers out there, there is a granola product that I have only noticed very recently on the shelves that is very low in sugar, contains all natural ingredients and if you combine with some live natural yogurt/milk and berries, makes a great low GI start to the day to help you get on with your busy morning. Of course making your own fresh granola is the perfect option but this Lizi's Low Sugar Granola will make a good second best