Fueling Your Body for Maximum Performance


Best of luck to all those competing in the Wicklow 200km/100km cycle tomorrow, especially to my husband, Alan and brother in law, Ian! Today, the day before the big cycle is about fueling your body right so glycogen stores in your muscles are full, you are fully hydrated and well rested. Glycogen is the most important and valuable fuel for any type of endurance exercise. If you fail to eat enough carbohydrate prior to an endurance event, glycogen levels become depleted (and recovery can take on avarage 20 hours!). So fueling your body before, during and after an endurance event is vital for optimum performance and recovery.

So what you be eating today if you are planning 4-10 hours on the bike tomorrow?

Lot of low glycemic index carbohydrates which release glucose into the body slowly and controlled (for sustained energy during exercise) with healthy protein and fats and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Here's some delicious examples of what that means.

Mixed fruit with quinoa

Tomato based beef and bean chili with a green salad

Wholemeal toast with poached egg, avoacdo, tomatoe and berries

Quinoa with a poached egg, spinach and raw vegetables

Chicken burrito bowl with rice

Grilled tomatos, mushrooms with avocado and egg

Grillied chicken breast with a mixed salad and potatoes with skins on

Wholemeal pitta with chicken, greens, avocado and tomato

Quinoa and oatmeal porridge with berries and nuts

Wholemeal pitta with scrambled egg, avocado and tomato

Fish sliders on a wholemeal bread roll with salad

Wholegrain pittas filled with mixed beans, coren, tomaotes, peppers and lettuce

Wholegrain pittas with hummus and raw vegetables

Wholegrain pizza base topped with fresh meats and vegetables

Quinoa salad with tomato and avocado

A vegetable omelette

Grilled salmon/tuna/mackerel on a bed of salad and potatoes

Thai chicken noodle stir friy


Good Luck!