Frequent Traveller: Avoiding The Pitfalls and Making Healthy Food Choices


There is no doubt if you travel and entertain regularly; it is much more challenging to control the quality and quantity of food you eat. This in turn causes difficulties in managing energy levels and weight. Well here are my four key tips to help you deal with the challenges of limited options when travelling that will help boost energy, health and weight management.

  1. Where possible, have a filling, nutritious meal before you leave for the airport e.g. Eggs on wholegrain bread, Omlette, porridge with seeds, fish stew, bean casserole, meat and vegetable stir fry. This helps you avoid having to choose from the poor selection of food at the airport. However if you do have to eat at the airport, try choosing something similar to the options listed above and avoid the coffee & sandwich/roll/pastry if you can!
  1. Pack a few easy to carry, non-liquid and non-perishable snack options e.g. Oatcake and almond butter sandwiches, protein balls, boiled egg, apple and raw nuts, wholegrain pitta with meat/fish/bean filling, roasted chickpeas, eggs muffins (all recipes on Having a nutritious high protein snack at hand, helps you avoid blood sugar lows and will keep you going until you reach you destination (and have better food choices available to you).
  1. Try keeping my Healthy Eating Plate (½ vegetables, ¼ protein and ¼ low GI carbohydrates) in mind if you do have to make meal choices in airports/planes/hotels.
  1. Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoid tea, coffee and alcohol. The air at altitudes of 30,000 to 35,000 feet, where most commercial airlines fly, is extremely dry, and the recirculation systems used in airplane dry the air out even more. The lack of humidity takes moisture from the tissues of the nose, mouth and airways, compromising the body's natural defence system. So keeping hydrated helps boosts immunity.

    Happy Travelling!