Fig, Parma Ham, Blue Cheese & Rocket Salad


This is just a perfect salad for this time of year. With wonderful figs in season and tasting so delicious, you have to give this simple, tasty salad a try! I bought perfectly ripe figs in Avoca last week and made this as a started for a dinner party. It's as simple as filling each plate with a handful of rocket, a couple of slices of parma ham, a little crumbed blue cheese (or feta, goats or parmesan), 2 figs (cut a criss cross almost down to the bottom on each., then put your thumb and index finger at the bottom of each quater and press the fig gently to open it out so it looks like a flower) and then drizzle well with my key ingredient, a great balsamic dressing. My delicious balsamic dressing

150ml balsamic vinegar

2 teaspoons of fig and apple jam

Mix well