Festive Fitness Begins ... Alva's Workout No. 1

I got a huge response for home workouts to keep you fit and active over the relaxing Christmas break. It's such a perfect time to fit in some fitness and I have some great home workouts for you to try. No equipment is needed and you can do them outside in the garden/park or in the comfort of your own home! and the real beauty of these workouts is they are all less than 20 minutes in duration ... kicking those excuses to touch! So Alva's Festive Fitness Workout No.1 is a time trial, which means you try to complete it in as short a time as possible (short but intense) making sure to keep good form throughout - that means if form is not correct because you're too tired take a rest and continue when you are feeling you can give 100% again, but if the body feels good - keep pushing yourself and try to complete the workout in as short a time as possible. 7 exercises in one round, Complete 20 reps of each exercise before moving onto the next exercise. Beginners complete 2 rounds and intermediate to advanced complete 5 rounds.

Make sure you warm up well with 10 minutes of light to moderate cardio activity.

I did this workout this morning and timed each round

Round 1  2 minutes 15 seconds

Round 2  2 minutes 10 seconds

Round 3  2 minutes 20 seconds

Round 4  2 minutes 5 seconds

Rounds 5  2 minutes 10 seconds

So workout was completed in 11 minutes

Look forward to hearing how you find it!