Bum and Legs Workout

Walking back from the school run this morning, I was stopped by a mum I see every morning who for the first year since her eldest was born has all three of her children in school and has her mornings off. She like many mums has been so busy up to now hasn't had time to focus on herself and is keen to get fit and strong again. She told me she has been running and doing some cardio on a bike she bought for the house but couldn't seem to change the shape on the areas she is conscious of - her bum and hip area.

My advice as always is: to change the shape of your body you need to do some strength training too. Cardio is wonderful for your health and wellbeing but throw in some bodyweight strength training and see your body shape change! So this is where I was inspired for today's workout, a bum lifting workout! This is a great workout for all levels (beginners to advanced), and focuses specifically on the bum and legs.

There are five exercises to complete on the right and then left leg and I have suggested 15 repetitions of each exercise. For a more advanced workout aim for 25 repetitions on each leg and see how many rounds you can do! As you can see I had to record this workout indoors as we have a wet and windy day here in Ireland, so no excuses, this workout is perfect in the TV room or any small open space you have at home.