Breakfast ... could it be the answer to healthy eating


  For most of us breakfast is a meal that needs to be quick and easy … if it is going to happen at all! Morning time and getting out of the house for school, work & life is generally hectic and thinking of starting the day with a nutritious meal is often the last thing on our mind. However, it should be up there on the priority list if you are trying to eat healthier in 2017.

Starting the day with a healthy (simple and quick) meal containing slow energy releasing carbohydrates and protein will ensure you have stable energy levels all morning, avoiding blood sugar lows. This means when lunchtime arrives you less likely to feel like “eating the table” (i.e. any high calorie, processed foods available!) and are more in control to choose a healthier option. This might sounds too good to be true but I suggest you try it. Start the day with 1-2 slices of brown bread some almond butter and 1-2 eggs (great slow energy releasing carbs and protein packed) and see how long it keeps you going compared to a bowl of processed cereal (sugar and refined carbs with some protein in the milk).

Option one will slowly and steadily release energy (as well as lot of health boosting nutrients!) into your blood stream over the morning and option two will cause a spike in blood sugar very rapidly which will then fall very quickly leaving you feeling hungry and low by mid morning (and ravenous by lunch!). What do we choose when faced with the canteen selection ravenous? Yes, it’s the heavier meal of energy dense carbs to get blood sugar back up quickly. This cycle continues mid afternoon with blood sugar lows and the need for … maybe something sweet from the vending machine to keep you going (i.e. blood sugar up).

So to ensure stable blood sugar (and energy) throughout the long busy day, starting it with a the right breakfast is key! Here’s are some of my nutritious slow energy releasing breakfast ideas to help you get started on a healthy kick for 2017.

Alva's Slow Energy Releasing Breakfast Ideas

  1. Porridge oats, 2 tablespoons of seeds/nuts, berries and milk (add a tablespoon of Greek yogurt for an added boost of protein)
  2. Toasted seeded rye bread with natural nut butter and an egg (or two)
  3. Wholegrain seeded bread with smashed avocado and tomato with a sprinkle of smoked paprika
  4. Greek yogurt with mixed seeds and berries
  5. Egg muffins packed with meat/fish/cheese and greens