Alva's Festive Fitness Workout No. 3

The weather is just perfect for an outdoor workout and here's my festive fitness workout No. 3....another HIIT workout - 40 seconds work and 10 seconds rest between exercises. 7 exercises in one round. Try to complete four rounds. There are a number of intermediate/advanced exercises in this workout so beginners will need to modify some of the exercises.

  1. Walking plank (modification plank on elbows)
  2. Lateral Jumps (modification side step with a squat)
  3. One hand plank with roundhouse kick (modification burpee)
  4. Lateral jumps (modification as above)
  5. Squat with alt knee raise
  6. Lateral jumps
  7. Side step push up with jump (modification push up on knees and up to standing - repeat)