My New Weight Loss Programme


Weight loss is a difficult journey. It takes discipline and hard work as well as being mindful everyday.  As  a nutritionist working with clients with weight loss goals, my approach has been described is collaborative, structured and very supportive. I believe I must not only educate, advice and motivate but very importantly support, encourage and build confidence. I firmly believe close contact throughout the process is the key to weight loss success. Between one-to-one consultations, clients send me photos of their daily food diary. I comment, advice and often recommend changes to their meals to help them understand how to eat for optimum health and fat burning (without getting hungry!). Taking photos of meals also helps clients become accountable for what they are eating and helps them learn how to create nutritious meals with correct portion sizes. Over time, new habits are formed and clients learn key skills for long term weight management success.

My 10-week weight loss programme will equip you with the nutritional and psychological tools to develop a controlled, long term healthy relationship with food and win the battle against emotional eating and cravings.

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