Side Plank Sequence

Strengthening your core is key to maintaining health, improving posture and reducing lower back pain. Side planks are among the best exercises for strengthening your obliques and your deep stabilising core muscles as well as strengthening your upper body, glutes and legs! You should aim to include different types of planks exercises two or three times a week to improve overall core strength.

The side plank exercises in this sequence will build strength, mobility, control and balance. I am a big fan of the side plank as it is a great body weight strengthening exercise that targets all areas of the body.

Here I have put together six of my favourite side plank exercises in a sequence, starting with the basic side plank and progressing to a little more advanced on each movement.

Before you start…

Engage abdominals, check form and body line, breathe and move at your own pace with control

Side Plank

Side Plank Hip Drops

Thread the Needle

Leg Raises

Kick Outs

Hip rotation toe drops and crunch