First of the Outdoor Workouts!

At long last the warm weather has arrived and we're all bursting with enthusiasm to get outside and enjoy it. For those of you motivated to get fit for summer, I am creating a series of 10-minute workouts for the garden. Workouts will help strengthen and tone the whole body with a focus on core strength - vital not only for improving performance in many sports disciplines but also for day to day functional movement and improving balance and posture. 



This first workout is definitely an upper body and core challenge. For those of you who haven't trained your upper body in some time or are in need of some toning up, start with just a few of each exercise and gradually build up the number of repetitions you can do.


You'll be amazed how quickly you will see improvement if you put in a a few minutes a day. 

Hover plank.jpg


So here's the workout - 8 Exercises as listed below


10 repetitions of each exercise - take breaks between exercises as you need to


Try 15-20 repetitions of each exercise before moving onto the next exercise. If you have more time and are able try a second round!


1. Push Back Push Ups

2. Supermans

3.Side Plank Hip Drops (right)

4. Side Plank Hip Drops (Left)

5. Side Plank Rotation (Right)

6. Side Plank Rotation (Left)

7. Walking Plank

8. Pike Press Up