Pilates - Control Balance

Pilates is a great form of exercise to train and strengthen deep abdominal and core stabilising muscles. Wonderful for posture, balance and strength. As you know I like to train fast and furious but the control, precision and pace of Pilates has challenged me in a way I never expected. Many of the movements look easy but when you continue to work on performing them correctly, they train both body and mind.

Each of our bodies has different limitations however Pilates offers lots of modifications so everyone can take part and progress. For me, I need to continue to work on spinal mobility and sequential control (those deep abdominals!) saying that I find myself drawn towards the strength movements as they are challenging and give me a great workout.

Control Balance


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Arms overhead, ribs to mat, pelvic floor mildly engaged, legs lengthened & together, toes pointed. Exhale as you lift legs, toes to ceiling, peel spine off mat as legs come overhead parallel to the floor. From here alternate legs as you lengthen one at a time to the ceiling. Slow and controlled with the pace of the movement determined by your breath.

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Control, Precision, Flow, Breath, Centering, Concentration