Outdoor Workout Series No. 1

Who's with me.. getting fit and strong for the summer? 

I'm starting an outdoor workout series for the spring/summer months ahead. The first of the workouts from this outdoor series is a HIIT workout. Six exercises. 40 seconds work with 10 seconds rest between each exercise. In the 40 second period, try to complete as many repetitions of the exercises in that time period. Take a well deserved rest for 10 seconds and blast out as many repetitions of the next exercise in the next 40 second period. Repeat this until you have done all six exercises. This is one round completed. See if you can do 3-4 rounds. 

So this is what the workout looks like

1 Round

40 Seconds Plank 180 Roll
10 Seconds  Rest
40 Seconds  Push up push back
10 Seconds  Rest
40 Seconds Jump Jack Kick Outs
10 Seconds  Rest
40 Seconds  Feet clap burpee with jump jack
10 Seconds  Rest
40 Seconds Side plank kick outs (right)
10 Seconds  Rest
40 Seconds Side plank kick outs (left)

Repeat 3-4 rounds


donkey kick.png

Let me know how you get on!