Core and Abdominal Strengthening ... 15 Plank Exercises To Try!

So Let's Plank!

I promised you some plank exercises ... very effective exercises for strengthening and conditioning the abdominal and core region and also a move that most of us can do regardless of age or fitness level.

With endless variations from beginners level to advanced, today I have posted 4 different videos with 3-4 variations of the plank in each for you to try. These plank exercises are beginner to intermediate levels with some quite challenging. Choose an exercise that is at your level ... one you can do while holding correct form and work on trying to hold this longer each time you practice. When you are confident with some of the more basic plank exercises, challenge yourself to see if you can manage a more advanced move. 

Good form is essential when performing the plank. If you are starting and trying the standard Plank (on hands or elbows)

Plant the hands (or elbows) directly under the shoulders (slightly wider than shoulder-width apart). Ground the toes into the floor and squeeze the glutes to stabilise the body. Your legs should be engaged too.
Neutralise the neck and spine by looking at a spot on the floor just ahead of your hands. Your head should be in line with your back.
Hold the position for 20-60 seconds (depends how practiced you are). As you get more comfortable with the move, hold your plank for as long as possible without compromising form or breath.
If you are total beginner to plank, try it on your knees. This is noticeably easier to hold than the traditional straight-arm plank, and helps you to concentrate on form. Resting knees on the ground means less stress on the lower back!

If you have mastered these two basic planks, try a few of the more advanced (and exciting looking) plank exercises. You'll notice yourself getting stronger and more toned in no time!

Loads and Loads More Variations for Anyone Looking for More Advanced Core Strengthening Plank Exercises....Just Ask!