13 Simple, Healthy Lunchbox Ideas


I speak to many parents at school parents nights who struggle with ideas for tasty, healthy lunches that their children will have time to eat in school and will keep them fuller longer. The school day can be long and demanding and it is important that children have the right fuel to keep them going. So what is the correct fuel?...healthy carbohydrates for energy, good proteins and fats to keep them fuller longer and lots of great micronutrients for health and wellbeing. Now let me show you how that translates into some healthy lunchbox fillers.

Here’s 13 Nutritious Slow Energy Releasing Lunchbox Filler Ideas (with links to recipes):

  1. Cheese and sunflower seed scones

  2. Peanut butter oat bars

  3. Rye and caraway turkey goujons

  4. Chickpea curry

  5. Raw vegetables chopped up with guacamole

  6. Homemade wholegrain nut and fruit bread

  7. Natural yogurt with low sugar granola and fresh fruit

  8. Chicken or Turkey strips

  9. Last night’s stew/casserole - Simple Stir Fry recipe

  10. A container of soup (but add some beans, meat, fish, lentils to boost it with protein and good fats to keep then fuller longer)

  11. Egg muffins

  12. Coconut Oat Scones

  13. Banana Chia Seed Oat Bars - A no sugar homemade health bar


Alva O'Sullivan is a qualified nutritionist and fitness coach with clinics in Stillorgan and Blackrock, Co Dublin. She also runs interactive nutrition and health workshops in corporates, schools and clubs. For more information contact Alva on info@alvaosullivan.com