11 Push Up Variations to Try!

So if you have mastered the plank and some of it's challenging variations, its time to give the Push Up a go. The Push Up is a fantastic exercise to tone and strengthen your whole body in one move. However, like all exercises making sure you have good form while completing a push up is essential to avoid injury and to ensure you are getting the most from the move.

Try to keep your body in one straight line from the top of your head to your heels. Keep your glutes tight and engage your abs. Keep your head looking slightly ahead and not down (I am not 100% perfect on this point in my video so watch out for this!). Ideally your chin should be the first part of you to touch the floor not your nose. Just like the Plank, the Push Up has many, many variations. I have included 11 interesting Push Ups in this video. Try adding some of them to your workouts to build strength and stamina.