10 Tasty and Nutritious lunchbox fillers


Hungry, cranky children coming home from school everyday?Only to discover the lunch you so carefully prepared has barely been touched?

Young children get limited time to eat lunch during school hours and between chatting with friends and getting the lunchbox open they can find time runs out before they get to finish (or sometimes start!) what’s prepared. To make this easier for your children, try giving them small portions of a few different nutrient dense foods that are easy and quick to eat.

Here are some tasty ideas:

Chopped fruit with cheese Oatcakes with nut butter Hummus on a wholegrain cracker Raw vegetables chopped up with guacamole Homemade nut and fruit bread Natural yogurt with mixed seeds and chopped strawberries Salad with meat/fish/beans and pasta Last night’s stew/casserole A container of soup (but add some beans, meat, fish, lentils to boost it with protein and good fats to keep then fuller longer)